The Lost EP

Image of The Lost EP


A physical copy of the To Give You The Stars album 'The Lost EP'.

The second chapter in the 'To Give You The Stars' audio saga. 26 minutes of heart-pounding, chill-inducing, heavy-hitting epics will redefine 'To Give You The Stars' and what it will be in the future. Return to Mother Earth on a grand and introspective journey to find romance, tragedy and SPACE BATTLES. Witness the making of a reluctant hero and an ill-conceived quest for revenge that threatens to taint his cause beyond reconciliation. Can he become the symbol of hope that his world so desperately needs? Can you survive the ear-crushing ride as you careen toward Earth's ultimate conflict? Stand on the edge, where space opera meets progressive rock, and peer bravely into the wild blackness of space. From here, the only way out is West.